Red Kap. Automotive done right.

The Red Kap story stretches all the way back to 1923, when two brothers and a cousin teamed up to sell bib overalls. In those days, nobody referred to our products as "performance workwear." But even then, that's exactly what we were providing.

Over the years, Red Kap went on to create uniforms for all kinds of work. But something really clicked when we set our sights squarely on the automotive industry about 30 years ago. Once we jumped in, it wasn't long before we'd become the uniform of choice for just about every major carmaker in America.

We continue working closely with the big guys to make our stuff better than ever. And now we're also thinking bigger than ever, with performance workwear created for automotive pros of all kinds, from small specialty shops on up.

Today, our design team still spends lots of time in the garage. After all, that's where our best ideas are born. Where working prototypes are tested, fine-tuned and then tested again. Where we're free to sweat even the smallest details. That's how we perfected fabrics that resist the fluids, stains and mystery grime that seem to find their way into every shop. It's why we bartack pockets for extra strength the way we do. It's why we know exactly where to put those pockets in the first place.

The result? Top-grade uniforms that any serious gearhead can actually feel good about wearing. Comfortable, long-lasting favorites that stand up to hard days, greasy nights and everything in between. We mean it when we say they're built from the same stuff you are.